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Family Health Chiropractic exists to Instill Hope and Improve Quality of Life through the Power of Chiropractic


We love seeing moms-to-be in this office. The pregnancy process is a “dance” between mom and baby. As long as they are communicating with each other effectively, the pregnancy should progress flawlessly. However, if Mom’s pelvis becomes torqued or rotated, the uterus can become distorted, resulting in reduced space for the growing baby. This is called inter-uterine constraint. By ensuring that the pelvic biomechanics are correct, the distorted uterus may return to its optimum configuration. Chiropractors who have been certified in the Webster Technique can help the pelvis maintain its normal function, providing room for the growing baby.


Seeing babies and children in our office is our mission! Think about the process both Mom and baby go through during the delivery process. It’s not uncommon for the baby to emerge into this new world, only to have nervous system interference as a result of the trauma involved. That interference, or subluxation, usually goes uncorrected until later, when symptoms begin to show up. The chiropractor must understand that babies and children are not just small adults! They have a very different nervous system and require a different approach and touch. The examination should be tailored to the child’s age and then the results must be interpreted to paint a clear picture of what is really going on with the child. Remember, it’s better to grow healthy children than to fix injured adults.

Family Wellness:

Unfortunately, many adults are not aware that they need chiropractic care. Many people have been taught that they should wait for symptoms to show up before looking for help. Most adults come into our office as a result of different conditions that are now interfering with their lifestyle. Remember, symptoms are an effect of something going wrong, not the cause. We strive to listen to the patient and look deeply into the issue to determine the CAUSE of the problem. By addressing the cause, the effect (symptom) can decrease as well. We look at pain or symptom relief as a side effect of what we do.

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