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Does Chiropractic even work?

Stop wondering and start knowing

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Does chiropractic actually work?

That’s a very interesting question that is asked a lot of this profession.

And, believe it or not, there’s no short answer we can give. But for now we’ll settle on “usually.”

Everything we say is based on our own education, views, and most importantly, experiences. We have seen many patients’ lives transform over the course of a month. We’ve seen dramatic changes in lifestyle, health level, and quality of life over two years. We’ve seen firsthand the miracles that can happen.

We’ve also seen very gradual, consistent change.

There is a wide spectrum of how success looks, and just as many ways to get there.

Much like life, work, relationships, etc…  Nothing works unless you do.

We’ve noticed the causes of the main arguments against chiropractic:

  1. People want a “band aid solution” to a “cast and crutch problem.”

  2. People don’t understand what chiropractic actually is and its goal to produce quality of life.

  3. People aren’t wanting to put any effort forward to better their health. They want it to be done for them, not with them.

You can go to the gym as much as you want, you can even sleep there if you desire! But just standing in a room with exercise equipment doesn’t improve your health unless you move the equipment and do the exercise. You have to create a consistent pattern to create long lasting results.

The same goes with chiropractic. It’s possible you can go to a chiropractor every day, but unless your diet, exercise, and rest are in check, you might not see the dramatic changes that are available with a little bit of extra work.

What about surgery? Does heart surgery work?

It works as long as certain criteria are met:

  1. The patient needs it.

  2. The patient is a candidate for the procedure to be a success.

  3. An experienced surgeon is overseeing the procedure.

If all of those criteria are met, then yeah, typically heart surgery works. However, if one of those aspects is missing, there’s a good chance it won’t produce the results that are typically associated with the procedure.

Everybody is different. Some people respond well to certain things, some people don’t.

Some people don’t like milk, some people can’t have milk, some people choose not to drink milk. Some people have milk every day!

Success depends on your willingness to “try milk” for the first time. Or, if you haven’t had milk in a few years, maybe try it again now that you know more about it.

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