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The living body has an amazing ability to heal.

Consider this… When we cut our finger, it heals. We really don’t have to think about it, it just heals

When we have other injuries or surgeries, after urgent issues are addressed, we’re sent home to ……...HEAL!

Healing comes from within. Earlier I said “the living body has this ability to heal.” So, what does this healing? If a cadaver is cut, it doesn’t heal, does it?

What’s missing?

It’s the living, Innate Intelligence present in each of us. This Innate Intelligence knows what our body needs in order to operate at its best.

But are there times when the body cannot heal? Absolutely!

There is something called “Limitation of Matter”; it’s the limit beyond which our body cannot heal. It can also be thought of as the ability of our body to adapt to its environment.

Each of us has a General Adaptive Potential, or GAP. For some of us, this GAP is narrow, for others it is wider. That is why some people seem to never “get sick” (remember the previous post), while others “catch” everything that comes by.

The interesting thing is that this GAP can change. Click here to go to our blog that discusses that.

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